Episode 32 | Community Christian Council

Jennifer Dobbs of the Community Christian Council of Haralson County sits down with Dr. Allison Key and Erika Smith and talks about the services they provide to the citizens of Haralson County who need it most. For more information about the CCC and how you can help, visit them online at www.communitychristiancouncil.org. 

Episode 31 | Amy Pointer, West Metro FCA

From teaching in the classroom to coaching on the softball field, Amy Pointer was doing what she loved. Then one day she felt God speaking to her to take a leap of faith to go from a job with a steady paycheck to go into ministry with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Amy talks with […]

Episode 30 | The Kreations Art Factory

If you are looking for something fun to do with the kids, have a girl’s night out, or if you’re trying to convince your husband to do a date night that involves creating great art, then the Kreations Art Factory is the place for you! Kendra Knowles, the owner, talks with Dr. Allison Key and […]

Episode 29 | Angela Dailey of West Georgia Woman Magazine

Owner and publisher of West Georgia Woman Magazine, Angela Dailey, talks with Dr. Allison Key and Erika Smith about an idea she had to publish a magazine that was solely about women and how that idea has blossomed into one of the largest publications in the area. For more information about West Georgia Woman Magazine […]

Episode 28 | A Conversation with Our Producer… Seth Cain

After poking fun at him over the course of the last six months of recording this podcast because quite frankly some of the topics have made him turn 50 shades of red, Dr. Allison Key and Erika Smith talk with producer Seth Cain about the last six months of recording and his career in radio […]

Episode 27 | Carroll County Child Advocacy Center

Sometimes when a child is needing help because they are being abused at home they will often say it a certain way that will be disguised as something you would hear every day and not think much about it. Bethany Dahl and Allison Robinson of the Carroll County Child Advocacy Center join Dr. Allison Key […]

Episode 26 | Pregnancy Resource Center

Dr. Allison Key and Erika Smith talk with Karmen Stamps and Roxanne Bright of the Pregnancy Resource Center in Carrollton about the services they offer to help both women and men when an unintended pregnancy happens and how they will guide them through the process of what to do. For more information on the Pregnancy […]

Episode 25 | Marriage Counseling & Sex Therapy

Have you ever thought about going to marriage counseling but might feel a little embarrassed about it? Or has the romantic flame in your marriage dwindled down to just a flicker of light? Misty McIntyre of Therapy & Co. Relationship Center in Carrollton sits down with Dr. Allison Key and Erika Smith to discuss how […]

Episode 24 | Mike on a Bike

Dr. Allison Key and Erika Smith talk with Carrollton Police Department officer Mike McDowell about his career as an officer, how he got the name Mike on a Bike, and other topics surrounding law enforcement today! 

Episode 23 | Feeling Great In Your Own Skin/Summer Skincare

Sometimes we don’t feel great in our own skin and are constantly comparing ourselves to others. In this episode, Dr. Allison Key, Erika Smith, and Brittiny Prenell talk about how we can all feel great in our own skin and not compare ourselves to others along with keeping your skin protected during the hot summer […]